About us

A Law Firm for You

Professional property valuation as well as legal and valuation processes relating to plots from start to finish

“We have a down-to-earth approach towards the client, and our experts aim to handle all assignments in an amicable and impartial way to achieve the best outcome for the client.”

We provide our clients:

  • Personal service: we encounter the client in a way that produces added value
  • Cost-effective service: savings for the client
  • A broad set of skills: our lawyers and property valuers have extensive experience in managing cases around the country
  • A unique package of expertise that stands out: the client can obtain all legal services and property valuations from one place
  • An extensive network: we utilize the latest knowledge on real property and environmental law as well as property valuation to benefit the client
  • Modern customer service solutions: time savings and flexibility to benefit the client
  • Service in Finnish, Swedish and English: ability to handle international assignments 
  • The added value of an expert company distinguished in its field


Our company’s values

Goal-orientation = We produce high-quality added value to our clients and monitor the productivity of our case management.

Responsibility = We are worthy of the trust of our clients and partners.

Down-to-earth = We get to know our client and communicate in plain language.

Sociability  = We form networks and engage in cooperation and advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Quality = We develop a new, improved practice to use in the fields of real property and environmental law and property valuation.

Modernity  = We aim to develop and keep up with the times: we react to the changing operational environment.

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