Legal Services and Legal Counselling

Our lawyers serve private and corporate clients around the country. Our law firm specializes in statutory land use planning, property disputes, relationships based on co-ownership, contract law, family and inheritance law and environmental law. We always work in an efficient, customer-oriented manner. Our goal is to achieve the outcome that is most advantageous to our clients.

Expropriation procedures

Our experts provide help with public road surveys and other expropriation proceedings from start to finish. We possess extensive, in-depth knowledge and skills in expropriation proceedings. We expertly handle the negotiations and bureaucracy involved in expropriation on your behalf. ArvoLex has assisted landowners with public road surveys and other expropriation proceedings for almost 60 years.

Property Valuation

Property ownership involves various valuation situations. With the expertise and hands-on experience of our law firm, you can obtain an impartial property valuation when selling or buying property, when dividing an estate or partitioning a joint estate and in the case of security arrangements and M&A transactions.

Project Services

We negotiate right of use contracts required for water supply and electric power lines and underground cables with landowners on your behalf. We have built a positive image for our project methods by developing an approach that takes both contracting parties into consideration. Solid knowledge of contractual and compensation practice and clients’ needs guarantees an efficient service!

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