Project Services

We negotiate right of use contracts required for water supply and electric power lines and underground cables with landowners on your behalf. We have built a positive image for our project methods by developing an approach that takes both contracting parties into consideration. Solid knowledge of contractual and compensation practice and clients’ needs guarantees an efficient service!

We estimate the compensation for loss, nuisance and damage relating to investment contracts. We draw up hundreds of voluntary right of use agreements every year, and carry out related space-specific valuations around the country.

Each set of services is always tailored to meet the client’s needs and may include, for example:


  • Investigation permits
  • Informing landowners about the project and its schedule
  • Inspection of the terrain by a property valuer
  • Preparation of space-specific compensation estimates
  • Contract negotiations and the conclusion of right of use agreements with the landowner
  • Other required reports and measures

By using our project services to manage contractual matters, you can significantly accelerate the planning and construction process and focus your resources on other core activities. Our AKA valuers and lawyers specializing in real property and environmental law are at your service.

By concluding a voluntary right of use agreement, the developer can avoid the permit and expropriation procedure. Our assets are speed, flexibility, cost savings and a positive image.

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