Property Valuation


Property ownership involves various valuation situations. With the expertise and hands-on experience of our law firm, you can obtain an impartial property valuation when selling or buying property, when dividing an estate or partitioning a joint estate and in the case of security arrangements and M&A transactions.

Property Valuation Sites


We provide property valuation to all types of properties. We estimate the value of e.g. farms, commercial properties, industrial properties, detached houses, holiday homes, properties for practising tourism, specialized properties, properties for care services as well as soil and undeveloped land areas. Furthermore, we We also provide valuation services relating to expropriation proceedings and public road surveys, as well as development compensation valuations related to land use agreements and planning. One of our specialities is assessing the damage in relation to the value of a property, such as assessing noise disturbance and harmful effects on the landscape. Our range of services also includes property valuation of real estate funds by a property valuer approved by the Finland Chamber of Commerce (KHK).


Good Property Valuation Convention


Our impartial property valuers prepare an exhaustive, thorough valuation report that includes the itemized parts of the property as well as comparable sales and justifications. When preparing valuation reports, we comply with the regulations in the Good Property Valuation Convention approved by the Finland Chamber of Commerce and the International Valuation Standards.

We actively contribute to the development of the property valuation industry through e.g. The Finnish Association for Real Estate Valuation. In addition, we We also teach the basics of valuation to students.


Authorised Property Valuer (AKA)


All our valuers are Authorised Property Valuers (AKA). The authorisation system is maintained and supervised by the Finland Chamber of Commerce. An AKA valuer has to pass an authorisation examination. Taking the examination requires applicable education and at least three years of practical experience in property valuation. Authorisation also requires regular property valuations and adequate annual training.


Property Valuation Community


ArvoLex is a property valuation community under the Finnish Real Estate Funds Act.


What is a Property Valuation Community?

  • The Real Estate Funds Acts ? grants the Property Valuation Board of the Finland Chamber of Commerce the authority to register property valuation communities.
  • There are only seven property valuation communities in Finland that are registered under the Real Estate Funds Act and operate under the supervision and according to the guidelines of the provisions issued by the Property Valuation Board.
  • ArvoLex is one of these significant main operators in the field.
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